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2021-01-10 | 27 min  Power at crank shaft 132 kW / 180 HP the starboard side a 2.35 / 7' 8 1/2'' long L- P o box 220, Deale, MarYlanD 20751. tel: 410-867-9022, 800-871-1333. PL10.10-02/FS L. 27715284 DRIVE SHAFT PL10.1-29 FS 27720100 DRIVE SHAFT KP-PL20.4/54 DIS.B-0689 27720288 DRIVE SHAFT K-PL20.11,2-04. -2. 1. -3. a.

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Here’s a Joel Hercek shaft in used but great condition. Joel charges $300.00+ for his extra shafts and that’s when your ordering a cue. His wait list is very long. If you have a collectible Hercek cue and are looking for a playing shaft, this would make a great add on to your cue. It's important to note that your deflection percentages aren't refering to other low deflection shafts, there's no way a z-2 deflects 51% less than an ob-2. There saying the z-2 deflects 51% less then a conventional shaft, so there talking about standard non upgraded shafts from production models because even some customs have things done to them to lower deflection. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Bulls Eye Accuracy in Shot Making - Draw, Spin & Follow Through. The Shaft is in Excellent condition. OB-2 Plus Shafts - 11.75mm - 29" shaft Joint Type: Radial.

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If the OB Plus shaft is shown on back order then we strongly recommend ordering it right away and you can then expect it to ship within 1 to 2 weeks at the most. The OB-2 shaft is constructed using six "stress relieved" segments.

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The Phoenix Torrified AA Grade Hard Maple cue shaft features Torrified wood construction. Torrified wood will neither swell up during humid summer months nor dry out due to dry winter air. OB-2 Plus Cue Shaft - 2pp - Pechauer Pro with Silver Ring.

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Fits Nissan and Tohatsu 25 HP 30 HP 35 HP 40 HP 2 Stroke and 4 Stroke Outboard. Also for: Mfs30b. Page 1 Stroke OB No.003-21054-1 06-02 NB-2600 Page 3 Introduction Before reading this  homogent polynom p(x, ξ)iξav grad 2mmed koefficienter beroende av x, kal-. lat operatorns I så fall är E(u, v, x) = E(u, v)oberoende. av xoch att E(uj, A mechanistic insight into the shaft resistance of vertically vibrating piles. December 2018  Pull out or push in the shaft (2) to adjust it to the height of the user. 6.
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CR5-CO-AS. 5-str. Electric Upright  2008 Honda 15hp short shaft power trim. $1,200 bild 1993 Mercury/Mariner 135hp outboard two stroke extra long shaft Gori 2 Blade folding propellor sail.

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If you are already serious about your pool game or plan to get serious about your game, then an OB Plus Shaft is the only choice. The OB-2 Plus Shaft takes shaft technology to the next level. The state of the art laminated SR-6 shaft construction has evolved into solid maple spliced SR-6+ construction, meaning 13% less tip end mass than the original OB shafts. This new solid maple spliced construction equates to less cueball deflection.

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The Vibration Dampening Core has been modified to give an even more solid hit! OB shafts are radially laminated. This means you don't have to rotate the shaft to a mark before every shot because it performs the same in all directions. Superior Straightness & Stability Each of the radial sections of the OB shafts consist of thin plies of hard rock maple. All OB Plus Shafts are available in multiple joint options so no matter what cue you play with, we have (or can quickly build) a shaft that will fit on your cue.

OB-2 Plus has all the great features of the OB-1 Plus, but in a smaller tip size that reduces cue ball squirt even more!